Welcome to LULO, I'm Kevin. I've spent the last few years traveling and learning about coffee, particularly Costa Rica and Colombia. My travels began much before my passion for coffee, and actually it was while traveling that began my obsession.

I started volunteering and learning, diving into many aspects of coffee - roasting, sourcing, processing, farming. I quickly found out that there is a tonne to learn about any one of these things, and that this world of specialty coffee is pretty new, meaning there is still so much more to uncover. 

Everywhere I went, I was sure to meet some of the most brilliant, hardworking, humble and all round awesome people that I've ever met. People that are just downright inspiring. 

For all of these reasons coffee is the perfect industry for me. An actively evolving environment wherein I can be constantly pushing myself to do better - in roasting, sourcing, serving, and learning - and that allows me to keep on being inspired by the amazing people I am lucky enough to work with is all I can ask for. 

So my intention here is to roast and serve coffees that I have sourced in a holistic manner, one that brings as much of the passion and spirit that I've encountered over my travels into each tiny batch that I roast.