Brewing Resources

With so many resources available and individuals dedicated to the creation of brewing guides and recipes, I thought I would just share two very basic recipes on two common brew devices that I use as a baseline to play around with the variables. 

The first is an Aeropress recipe. 


Coffee - 16g coffee

Grind - coarse (25 on the Encore) 

Water - 250ml

Temperature - 85° celsius

Place inverted Aeropress on a scale and hit tare. Dump coffee in, start a timer, and pour water slowly, in a circular fashion to incorporate all of the grounds into the water as quickly as possible. Continue pouring until reaching 250ml at about 50 seconds. Seal Aeropress, and let sit until 2:20. Then flip over your mug or carafe, give it a couple swirls and press slowly until about 3 minutes. 

The resulting cup should be expressive of all of it’s nuances, while still having more body than a pour over. The coarse grind also helps reduce sediment in the bottom of the cup when using a metal filter :)