Don Eli Reposado Typica Finca Chamaco - Peaks Series


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This cup is juicy, delicate and clean. The low-intervention processing allows the varietal to shine with abundant florals, articulate and clean fruit, and balanced sweetness throughout the cup. 

Clementine and red apple come through with a sparkly citric acidity. Panela and clove provide sweetness and character, while a bouquet of orange and coffee blossoms provides a steady supply of elegance to experience.

As the cup cools, milk chocolate notes appear while the clementine acidity increases, as do the Terry's Chocolate Orange vibes. 


Coffee Specs 

Lot Name 

El Chamaco


Carlos and Jacob Montero




Reposado Honey 


March 2023


Costa Rica 


El Llano de La Piedra, Zona de los Santos, Tarrazu



Drying Method 

Raised Beds, 20 days


This Coffee Comes to You From...

El Llano de la Piedra, La Zona de Los Santos, Tarrazu, Costa Rica 


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Roast Level


Processing Info

The cherries are picked at peak ripeness and floated for quality. They are then placed in the depulping tank at the wet mill and left to ferment in the open air for two days before being pulped and dried with plenty of mucilage.

Drying phase takes place on raised beds for 20 days.

Agricultural Inputs

Mostly Organic

Financial Transparency

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