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Coffees With TINPACT

Here you will find a limited-run series of truly exceptional coffees. Rare varieties that offer outstanding flavor profiles, made possible by impeccable cultivation, harvest, and processing. Packaged in reusable and easily recyclable tins to add to their shelf life, these coffees are made to bring a sense of joy, curiosity, and wonder to each brew. 

But that's not all....these coffees have a little something we like to call TINPACT BABY!! 

What's that, you ask? 

Its 20% of total proceeds going to fund amazingly innovative projects, run by some of our partner producers/suppliers.

From increasing environmental problems to the all-too-often lack of equipment and education for small-holder producers, LULO recognizes the need for drastic changes in the coffee industry. 

Our close working relationships with our producer and supplier partners have given us a close look at the potential for innovation that the coffee industry has and how those innovations can benefit the entire supply chain. 

At LULO, we focus mainly on the fundamentals - dignified prices paid directly to producers. This often doesn’t leave much of a margin for donation, but we think that addressing this issue should be first and foremost. Every now and then, we have the opportunity to give back directly to those who give so much to us - those we work with. And we're stoked that this opportunity is now! 

With every purchase of our limited-run Coffee With TINPACT series, we will be directing a total of 20% towards innovative coffee-based projects in Colombia.

10% will go to Biodiversal, a partner project of La Palma & El Tucan. It is completely dedicated to the development of regenerative agricultural practices for small-holder producers in order to create new, sustainable lines of business while addressing issues such as food security and carbon sequestration, among others. 

The other 10% will go directly to help fund the completion of a new product, a sample roaster, being created by the one and only Ronaldo Hurtado of Finca El Recreo fame. Designed with the smallholder farmer in mind, his idea is to work towards closing the economic gap between a producer and the tools that will provide them with further knowledge and independence. 

These are important projects that address multiple deep-rooted issues in the same industry. LULO has no stipulations or demands as to where the funds will go. We trust these folks to grow, harvest, process, select, and export the wonderful coffees that we enjoy, so why stop there? We are excited to see the progress in each project, however slow or fast they are moving. And we hope you will be too. 

We’ve put together an email document with further details on each project, available immediately with every purchase, and shared eventually. tins...with impact...

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