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Lulo Coffee

CCD Dynamic Cherry Catuai + Caturra

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Catuai, Caturra 


Natural Anaerobic 


Yaneth Yanguez 


Creativa Coffee District 


El Zafiro 




Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Chiriqui


1600 masl


Spring 2021


Raised beds, 15 days



The Impression

Brownie / Raspberry / Thick, Wild and Winey  

This is a thick, juicy natural coffee with tonnes of complexity and a touch of funk. We pick up heavy flavors of fudge-like brownie, raspberry, dried fruits, and a fuzzy, wine-like acidity. Rich and warming, yet immensely complex and well-balanced, this is a truly unique coffee.  Super-versatile as either espresso or filter, this coffee is ready for you any way you choose. 


Roast Level 

Medium - Light


The Story 

Creativa Coffee District is a unique project in the La Palma Y El Tucan family. They are based in a historic dry mill, just outside of Boquete. They are slowly converting the space into one of vibrancy and innovation through specialty coffee and artist residencies, who leave their mark with multimedia installations found throughout the mill.

 They have adopted the model of Neighbors & Crops, buying coffee cherry from neighboring farms, fermenting and drying each micro and nano lot in inventive ways. This particular fermentation is known as “Dynamic Cherry”, where the fermentation takes place in sealed, oxygen-free tanks after the cherry dries in the sun for two days. This is designed to increase the potency of the fermentation, resulting in richer, more unique cup profiles. The result is outstanding, with this offering scoring 89.25 points on the SCA scale. It’s a natural process, and the total fermentation time is 90 hours. 


The Brew 


Dry: 18g 

Wet: 40g

Time: ~30sec 

Look for heightened chocolate/brownie flavours especially when paired with milk. 


Ratio: 1:16

Grind: Coarse

Water: 200°

Total Time: ~3:00min

Coarse grind and pulse-pours help reveal all of the wonderful complexities in this cup.