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Lulo Coffee

Delagua Finca Buena Vista 250g

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Natural, 72 Hour Fermentation


Maria Linares  


Finca Buena Vista 


Cienaga, Magdalena, Colombia 


1400 masl


Winter  2021 


Raised beds, 14 days

The Impression

Orange  / Strawberry / Caramel / Kiwi / Milk Chocolate / Silky 

This is a fine example of a clean, balanced, and almost reserved natural coffee. Citrus acidities, complimented fruity sweetness and a caramel body make for quite the juicy cup. 


Roast Level 



The Story 

LULO has been working with Delagua since its inception, and this is our fifth offering from them. They purchase coffee cherry from neighboring small-holder farms and process them all as naturals or honeys, in an effort to minimize water waste and contamination. Each coffee has been exceptionally stunning, and this one is no exception.

Maria Linares has had her farm, Finca Buenavista, for the past 15 years. She’s been working with coffee her whole life, on her parents farm. Her property is four hectares total, with two dedicated to coffee cultivation. This is her second year working with Delagua, and looks forward to growing with the project. 

The Brew 


Ratio: 1:14 

Grind: Coarse 

Time: ~3:00

A mellow approach to the brew works well here. Pulse pours will increase contact time and the shorter ratio will keep things nice and bright. 


Dry: 18g

Wet: 40g

Time ~30 sec


Bright yet very balanced on its own, this espresso really comes to life with some milk added to it. Expect notes of caramel-covered fruits.