El Pedregal Full Honey Tabi - Peaks Series


Farm Name 

El Pedregal 


The Liz-Andela Family


Yellow Tabi 


Full Honey, 80 Hour Anaerobic Fermentation


Winter 2021 




Tierradentro, Cauca


1800masl +

Drying Method 

Parabolic beds over 1.5 months. 

Roast Level


Processing Info

Resting on the bottom of a steep and profoundly beautiful single hectare of forest farm you’ll
find the Liz-Andela family’s home. It faces outward over their community in a small plateau of the southern Andes mountains range in the Cauca department of Colombia. Their parcel of land forms a part of the Togoima Indigenous Reservation of the Nasa People, of which they are proud members.

Don Isidro and Doña Ana had been coffee farming for years before switching to cattle in 2010. When their son, Ervin, decided to dedicate himself to the traditional family business, it was decided to return to coffee in 2017. We are unbelievably happy that they decided to do this, and we are frequently impressed by the quality of their coffees.

Their organic farm consists of Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, and Yellow Tabi varieties which are accompanied by copious plantain, guamo, citrus, and guadua trees for shade and sits between 1800 and 200masl. They process their coffees as honeys or semiwashed, using methods traditional to the area and very little water. They are now experimenting with both natural processing and additional fermentations. The flavour profiles found here vary greatly by variety but all show stunning complexity and character in body and sweetness.

Agricultural Inputs


Financial Transparency

Farmgate Price: $15.55CAD/kg (Green Coffee)
Import and Transport Fees: $4.53CAD/kg
Our final price, including 15% weight loss in the roasting process, is $23.09/CAD/kg

This coffee was cultivated, processed and exported by the Liz-Andela family of Native Root Coffee and imported by LULO.