El Recreo Cochadas - Pillars Series

El Recreo Cochadas - Pillars Series


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Farm Name 

El Recreo 


The Hurtado-Gamba Family 






December 2022 




Vereda Tierra de Castro, Moniquira, Boyaca



Drying Method 

Elda, 5 days

Roast Level


Cup Impression

Caramel / Apple / Crushable

This castillo variety is the definition of a classic, clean cup. Sweetness-dominant, low acidity, and short but pronounced aftertaste make it almost too easy to drink. Expect notes of green apple, caramel and almond, coupled with a medium velvety body. Completely crushable whether as espresso or drip.

Agricultural Inputs

Organic (not certified)

Financial Transparency

Price Paid to El Recreot: $12.93CAD/kg (Green Coffee)
Import and Transport Fees: $4.70CAD/kg
Our final price, including 15% weight loss in the roasting process, is $20.27/CAD/kg

This coffee was cultivated by Doña Mercedes and Don Elio of Finca El Recreo, processed and dry milled by Disruptiva Coffees, exported by Ervin Liz of Native Root Coffee and Imported by LULO.

Processing Info

Cochadas is the name of the way the coffee was harvested. For one week, each day the coffee is harvested, it is first floated for quality, and then tank-rested in-cherry, resulting in an average of 3.5 days of fermentation, before being pulped and fully washed.

The coffee was dried in elda, which is a coverable, rooftop concrete patio. It wasopen in the day to a full-sun environment, and covered in the cool evenings for a total of 5 days.