Finca Alcatraz Natural Caturra - Peaks Series


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Farm Name 

Finca Alcatraz 


Wilfredo Ule Vargas 






December 2022




Oporapa, Huila 



Drying Method 

Marquesina, 30 days

Roast Level

Medium Light

Cup Impression

Fig / Milk Chocolate / Creamy

The deep, rich fruity sweetness is the highlight of this cup. Milk chocolate with fig topped off with a fresh cherry acidity play well with the creamy, medium body. This is a deeply complex yet straightforward and articulate coffee.

Brewing Style


A full bodied and creamy cup that shines when made with the v60. Higher brew temps help get the most out of this dense coffee and with a ratio of 1:16 and a brew time of 3 to 3:30 minutes, you'll be immersed in a mix of dark fruit acidity and rich chocolates.

Agricultural Inputs

Mostly Organic

Financial Transparency

Farmgate Price: $17.40CAD/kg (Green Coffee)
Import and Transport Costs: $4.70CAD/kg
Our final price, including 15% weight loss in the roasting process, is $25.07/CAD/kg

This coffee was cultivated and processed by Don Wilfredo, exported by the Liz-Andela family of Native Root Coffee and imported by LULO.

Processing Info

Natural coffees are hard to produce at Finca Alcatraz. Consistently cool cloud cover keeps drying on the slow side, which increases risk of damage to the cherry throughout the process. Through careful attention, Don Wilfredo is able to pull off some incredibly clean naturals.

This mix of red and yellow Caturra was harvested in December 2022 and was put directly to dry after being picked. It was dried in a combination of parabolic and raised beds for 30 days.