Finca Alcatraz Washed Gesha - Peaks Series

Finca Alcatraz Washed Gesha - Peaks Series


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Farm Name 

Finca Alcatraz 


Don Wilfredo Ule Vargas 




Washed, two day tank fermentation


December 2022




Vereda La Morelia, Oporapa, Huila 



Drying Method 

Marquesina and raised beds over 18 days

Roast Level

Medium Light

Cup Impression

Lemongrass / Stone Fruit / Layered

Peach and cherry create elegance when combined with the lemongrass/green tea notes of this washed gesha. Mouthfeel is silky yet structured and dense, layering flavors ontop of each other while maintaining clarity and articulation. Citrus holds the balance, ever-present in the background, while letting the panela sweetness drive the cup.

Agricultural Inputs

Mostly Organic

Financial Transparency

Farmgate Price: $23CAD/kg (Green Coffee)
Import and Transport Costs: $4.70CAD/kg
Our final price, including 15% weight loss in the roasting process, is $31.80/CAD/kg

This coffee was cultivated, processed by Finca Alcatraz, exported by Native Root Coffee and imported by LULO.

Processing Info

This gesha variety was harvested in December 2022. It was collected by hand and floated for quality before being depulped and fully washed. It was then set to ferment in small tanks, kept in cool conditions for a total of two days before being laid out to dry for a total of 17 days in raised beds and marquesina (green house).