Finca El Limon Natural Anaerobic Castillo - Peaks Series


Farm Name 

El Limon 


Victor Alfonso Garcia Serrano

Processing Station 

Delagua Coffee Paradise 




Natural Anaerobic, 42 hr fermentation 


Winter 2020




Cerro Paramo Azul, San Javier, Magdalena 


1520 masl 

Drying Method 

Raised beds for 20 days in a mix of shade and sun, by the Caribbean Sea. 

Roast Level


Cup Impression

Grape / Strawberry / Chocolate

Big and unapologetically fruity. Notes of concord grape with fresh strawberries pair with a milk chocolate and caramel sweetness, balanced by wine-like and citric acidities. A truly ever-changing, dynamic cup.

*Try brewing filter with lower temps for the most expressive cups ;)

Agricultural Inputs



Farmgate Price: $7.74CAD/kg in GREEN. Coffee was purchased in cherry. Roughly 6kg of cherry to 1kg green, so about $1.25CAD/kg for read-to-roast coffee)
DAP Price (final price) 23.00CAD/kg
Our final price, including 15% weight loss in the roasting process, is $26.45/CAD/kg

This coffee was cultivated and processed by Victor Alfonso Garica Serrano of Finca El Limon, processed by Delagua Coffee Paradise, exported of Equation Coffee, and imported by LULO.

Producer Info

Victor Alfonso Ortiz Serrano has 4,500 Castillo trees farm at 1520 masl in the beautiful Vereda de Cerro Paramo Azul. Planted over one hectare he purchased of his father, Finca El Limon is Victor’s opportunity to grow as a young producer. At 31 years old, it’s not too common to see people his age diving into the world of coffee farming at the moment. Both he and his father, Victor Manuel, approach coffee quality through organic means, and their ingenuity on the farm, together with the beautiful drying beds of Delagua Coffee Paradise, makes for some seriously beautiful coffee. The farm is located in what feels to be an amphitheater of coffee, lulo, and corn plants facing a vast expanse of the neverending, lush, green curtains that make up the Sierra Nevada de Santa range in Northern Colombia.

Victor maintains his crop throughout the year, and needs to be prepared every year for both the longest dry season in Colombia (Jan-Apr), and the most concentrated harvest in the country (1 per year, Oct-Dec). When the harvest comes along, the rain season is in full force, and things can get complicated. Having an abundance of freshly picked coffee cherries with a small pulper, limited drying infrastructure, transportation difficulties, and a surplus of rain makes every move important. Victor coordinates with the team at Delagua to single out the perfect day to come together to harvest the most perfectly ripe cherries possible. Everyone comes together to ensure the highest quality, and it is floated, weighed, and paid for on-site. This gives Victor access to above-market prices and relieves the financial burden of transportation (which can reach up to 42% cost of production). And when his other options are larger co-ops, the Delagua team maintains absolutely transparency and traceability so that Victor and other producers in the area get more exposure and recognition for their (extremely valuable and difficult) work.

Once the beloved cherry buyers of Delagua purchase the coffee, it is placed immediately into small, valved tanks. They are filled with 35kg of cherry each and placed into a truck for transport to the drying beds, located at sea level, just outside of Santa Marta. During the trip, which in this case The Caribbean breeze and sun make it the ideal place for the extended drying period of natural coffees. Delagua is 100% committed to working with producers to offer natural and honey-processed coffees, without using one drop of water post-harvest, and we are proud to support their endeavor to create beautifully bright coffees with a more responsible impact.