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Lulo Coffee

Wilfredo's Cascara

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Finca Alcatraz Cascara 125g


Wilfredo Ule Vargas 


Caturra & Red Bourbon 


Oporapa, Huila, Colombia  


Cherry, Apple, Panela, Baking Spices, Super Juicy 

Cascara is the Spanish word for husk. Wilfredo was kind enough to send us some of his coffee cherry husks. This stuff is amazing as a tea, in a lemonade, in cocktails, in a yogurt bowl, in baking…..the list goes on. Coffee cherry is a source of happiness for anyone who drinks it, and additional income for Wilfredo for something that normally gets thrown out. Now that’s a win-win. Still reading this? What are you waiting for? Go get some cascara in your life!