feeling BRAND N(L)ULO

I spent the first part of the year at origin with the suppliers and friends I work with, then the last few weeks setting up a brand new location for the roastery. Needless to say, it's been a busy time. Challenging in so many ways, but for every problem there is a thousand reasons to keep working, to do everything possible to provide a fully traceable menu of properly-paid for coffee.

So, if you're reading this thank you. It's thanks to people like you that this mission is not only possible but tangible. The idea is to get these delicious coffees in your hands and as many others as possible. I want to commit to buying more and more coffee from the same people year after year. So I increased my roasting capacity and I've begun importing at much higher volumes.

In order to work towards more meaningful purchases, I don't put much restrictions on flavour profiles or point scores with my pals. They take pride in their work and know their product through and through. It's their job to grow and process the coffee and mine job to make it taste good.

I wanted to categorize the plethora of flavors in a way that didnt draw any unwanted comparisons because I truly believe different moments in which they shine best. That's why I created Peaks and Pillars. Not by score or variety or even price but by flavour.