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Rock-solid and balanced coffees that create comfort and inspire connection - any time of day, any brew method you choose.

Find here medium (or so) roasts that are as dependable as they are delectable.  Provided by small to medium scale producers with longstanding relationships with LULO, these coffees come as direct as it gets. No joke. We pay these talented producers directly and promptly, and they ship to us directly via airfreight.

Look for traditional washed or semi-washed processing methods in this category. The focus here is on varieties of coffee with high yields and resistance to disease - the coffees that make up the bulk of the producers' crops, processed their way. 

We are lucky to call the producers of these coffees friends of ours and look forward to growing with them in the future. 

These coffees are the foundation of our operation, much like they will be the foundation of your mornings. 

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