Don Eli Catuai La Pastora "Proceso Pirris" - Peaks Series


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With simultaneous notes of fresh and dried fruit (think raisins and cherries), this cup isn't your typical profile. There's a lot going on. An undeniable wine-like character, yet not a super loud cup. Clean and structured, yet intense and deeply textured. 

We get dried fruits, fresh berries and stone fruit, fresh lemon and walnut on the finish. Wine vibes throughout. 


Coffee Specs 

Lot Name 

La Pastora


Carlos and Jacob Montero




Extended fermentation in grainpro bags with Gesha Mosto and Gesha Cascara


March 2023


Costa Rica 


El Llano de La Piedra, Zona de los Santos, Tarrazu



Drying Method 

Raised Beds, 20 days


This Coffee Comes to You From...

El Llano de la Piedra, La Zona de Los Santos, Tarrazu, Costa Rica 


More Info

Roast Level


Processing Info

Proceso Pirris what happens when LULO and Don Eli put their heads together to do something fun and special.

We used freshly harvested Catuai cherries from La Pastora, an exceptional, high-elevation lot. Immediately after depulping, with tonnes of mucilage remaining, the seeds were mixed by hand with Gesha cascara and Mosto (liquid from a previous fermentation) in grainpro bags. Those bags were sealed and placed in the river beside the wet mill, El Rio Pirris.

The coffee was left to ferment for 11 days before being dried on raised beds for a total of 20 days.

The cherries are picked at peak ripeness and floated for quality. Then they are placed in small, 35kg tanks to ferment in a cooled environment for 92 hours. pH and temperature are monitored throughout.

Then the cherries are placed to dry on raised beds for 20 days.

Agricultural Inputs

Mostly Organic

Financial Transparency

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