About LULO


Specialty sourcing, refined

Slow-Sourced Coffee

Beyond direct, the vast majority of LULO's coffee comes from only 5 farms in two countries. Direct relationships are at the heart of the operation. It's both a testament to the immense diversity of flavours from a single farm, and a demonstration of a specialty coffee business model that largely leaves the cupping table behind. We (producers and I) operate with a lot of trust and communication, with very few samples exchanged in the process and have been doing so for LULO's entire existence.

Each coffee I share is a result of years of collaboration with those directly (and proudly) behind their product.


Local Partnerships

Hospitality is in my blood. I've been in the service industry in some capacity for my entire working life and I'm deeply grateful to connect with so many like-minded, creative, passionate and downright amazing small business owners in the Ottawa area and beyond.

I always want to share delectable coffees with rad businesses and people.

I see LULO as a chance to connect awesome people from across borders and cultures and that makes me very happy.

Simple and Straightforward

Pillars + Peaks

Specialty coffee can be complicated, but choosing a coffee doesn't have to be.

Pillars for traditional, low acidity, chocolatey goodness.

Peaks for contemporary fruity, floral, funky, fun!

Separating the menu into categories like this not only keeps it simple for you but allows me to purchase coffee in a way that addresses the volume-based requirements of each producer, as well as showcase their exemplary work with rare varieties or innovative processes.