Find us in on the shelf and/or in the hopper at these fine establishments. Each one a small, independent, and completely awesome locally-owned business, all doing fantastic things in their communities. We're proud to work with so many people who value traceable coffees and the work that goes into them.


Although the webshop is always open, we are happiest to when you find us at your fav local shop. If you don't see yours here, let us know!

Ottawa-Area Pals

Arlington Five

The day-ones, the place that took us in during the pandemic and let this LULO take root! Pillars in their community and absolute inspirations.

Wilf & Ada's

Quaint, local, and delicious brunch served by truly welcoming people.

Luxe Blooms

Stunning flower arrangements, accompanied by food and drink to match.

Café Palmier

Thoughtfully curated and prepared food and drink in a getaway setting.

Dominion City

Local legends and collaborators, this brewery is always putting out something fun, innovative and meaningful.

Almanac Grain

A scratch mill and bakery inspired by tradition and synonymous with deliciousness.

Chef's Paradise

The restaurant and home kitchen supply store of your dreams, featuring the coffee of yours truly for their monthly workshops.

Fifth Chute Coffee & Bread

Best place for coffee and baked goods between Ottawa and Toronto, no doubt.

Flora Hall

Local brew hall with mouth-watering fare and phenomenal beers, served by great people.

...And Beyond!

Nimmo Bay

Luxury retreat that puts as much care into its people and its place as it does its guests. We're proud to work with such inspiring people!

Forno Cultura

Third generation bakers who feed their local community with the true taste of Italy using only the finest of natural ingredients and organic flours.