La Gran Aventura Honey Anaerobic Typica - Peaks Series


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Peach candy, orange juice, orange blossom, guava, lemongrass - astounding tropical florality and high sweetness all around. With an effervescent acidity, this beauty reminds me of an orange soda. Beautiful as filter, or adventurous espresso. 

Coffee Specs

Farm Name 

La Gran Aventura 


Manuel Matta 




Honey, seven day anaerobic fermentation


January 2023




San Javier de La Sierra Nevada, Magdalena


1300 - 1650 masl

Drying Method 

In raised beds next to the Caribbean Sea for 12 days


This Coffee Comes to You From...

Finca La Gran Aventura, San Javier Municipality, Magdalena, Colombia 

More Info

Roast Level


Processing Info

This Typica variety was picked at peak ripeness and floated in water for quality. It was then pulped at the farm using no water for maximum mucilage. It was placed and sealed into small, 35kg tanks with little to no oxygen and transported down the mountainside, fermenting along the way.

It was then dried at sea level for 12 days.

Manuel Matta takes great care to measure just about every variable, from brix to ph, temperature to moisture levels, his record-keeping allows for a deep amount of traceability in his operation.

Agricultural Inputs

Organic (not certified)

Financial Transparency

Farmgate Price: $24.59CAD/kg (Green Coffee)
Import and Transport Costs: $3.75CAD/kg
Our final price, including 15% weight loss in the roasting process, is $32.50/CAD/kg.

This coffee was cultivated, processed by Manuel Matta of La Gran Aventura, exported by Native Root Coffee and imported by LULO.